A sample collection of visuals and other material aspiring to describe, convey and encapsulate aspects/textures of ethnographic research carried out by Kostis Kalantzis as well as evoke people, places and things experienced in various sites.

visual anthropology

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   This website contains samples of work created by visual anthropologist Konstantinos Kalantzis.

       The material classified under the label researches/fieldworks seeks to fulfill various aims. Firstly, it attempts to convey the sense of place, things and people encountered in different fieldsites. This is part of a process of reflecting on the tactility of ethnographic experience itself and experimenting with photography’s potential in conjuring and re-enacting the texture of the material world. Secondly, the fieldwork section of the website aspires to create a visual archive that will be of assistance to those colleagues (archaeologists, anthropologists, architects) working in communal research projects alongside Konstantinos. This entails an attempt to seize photography’s potential in capturing but also releasing and (counter)narrating details, histories and facets that may fruitfully complicate one’s approach in each research. The relative absence of textual exegesis is aimed in the direction of not over-determining the pictures with meaning, hence allowing the possible ruptures and excesses contained therein to point at various analytical and sensorial directions. To place photographic material in a context of  ethnographic display poses immense challenges exactly because one has to balance between the longstanding anthropological suspicion against photography’s semantic ambiguity and an over-use of explanatory texts that would render the pictures secondary illustrations of an auxiliary role. Thirdly, this website contains material that could be of interest to those informants and friends from the various fieldsites who access the internet. Without claiming to overcome various structural difficulties regarding language and internet accessibility this web sphere can complement a long-standing process of engagement and exchange of imagery between the ethnographer and the people in the various areas of research.

     Finally, this website contains visual and audio material of no direct ethnographic relevance. These pieces/fragments/things form part of Konstantinos’ wider landscape within which the ethnographic material is being collected and conceived. This website is meant as an ongoing project, under constant construction and re-thinking. It will be continually revised and extended with texts, images and sounds. Any commentary and input is extremely welcome.