A sample collection of visuals and other material encapsulating textures of ethnography carried out by Kostis Kalantzis as well as evoke people, places and things.

visual anthropology

visual culture


the Greek social



Feasting soundscapes


In this clip a man in his 80’s discusses a remembered case of arranged marriage that ended tragically with the bride committing suicide. This narrative reflects one way of representing the past, i.e. by rejecting social engagements and dynamics that happened then. In such critical utterances one may read different things, such as the effect of various dominant discourses about life, “freedom”, will, etc. on Sphakian rhetoric. At the same time, the rhetorical rejection of the past is complicated and undercut by other narratives which may valorise that same era or critique the present for having abolished the experiential and semantic value of the past. This clip also aims at representing the texture of some of the discussions I had with Sphakian men. This includes the ways in which voice as well the striking of hands or objects on the table (note the sound of an object hitting the wooden surface that accompanies the man’s narration) are employed in Sphakian men’s narratives in order to theatrically represent the sense of different speaking subjects and underline various points.