A collection of materials by anthropologist Kostis Kalantzis.

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Konstantinos Kalantzis is a sociocultural anthropologist (MSc Oxford 2005; PhD UCL 2010) specializing in visual culture and political imagination with undergraduate training in history and archaeology (Crete).


His research and publication record includes fieldwork since 2006 in six locations, university-level teaching in four countries, refereed papers in high-ranking journals and edited volumes, experience in museum curatorship (Chios Masticha Museum), two ethnographic films, as well as a monograph. He has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University (Mary Seeger O'Boyle fellowship 2011/12), as well as the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2013-2015), Southampton University (2010-2016) and UCL (2016-2020). He has received scholarships from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) (2006-2010), UCL and the University of London.


He has published essays in journals such as American Ethnologist (2014) and Comparative Studies in Society and History (2015) and has edited a special issue of Visual Anthropology Review on the visual culture of the Greek crisis (2016). He is author of Tradition in the Frame: Photography, Power and Imagination in Sfakia, Crete (2019, Indiana University Press) and director of Dowsing the Past: Materialities of Civil War Memories (47 mins, 2014) and the Impossible Narration (25 mins, 2021). He is a recipient of the Royal Anthropological Institute's 2019 JB Donne Essay Prize on the Anthropology of Art for his essay "Athens and the Indigenous Sublime: Rethinking Orientalism and Desire from Documenta 14 to the Cretan Highlands". 


He has held teaching positions at various universities, including UCL, San Francisco State University, the University of Bern, the University of Thessaly and Panteion. He has given papers in more than 60 venues, including Columbia, Princeton, Brunel and Oxford. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the Department of Culture, Creative Media and Industries (University of Thessaly), a 2021-2022 Fellow in Comparative Cultural Studies at the Center of Hellenic Studies, Harvard University and an honorary research fellow at the department of Anthropology at UCL (ERC project Photodemos: Citizens of Photography). 


His research interests include: aesthetics, photography, landscape, postcolonial and critical theory, power, memory, affect, visual and material culture, political imagination, nationalism, psychoanalysis, phenomenology, art.


e-mail address: kkalantzis[at]googlemail.com


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