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Papers in Refereed Journals


- 2012 “Crete as Warriorhood: Visual Explorations of Social Imaginaries in ‘Crisis’”, Anthropology Today 28 (3): 7-11.


- 2014 “On Ambivalent Nativism: Hegemony, Photography and Recalcitrant Alterity in Sphakia, Crete”, American Ethnologist 41 (1): 56-75. [A photo by the author was chosen for the issue’s cover].


- 2015a “‘Fak Germani’: Materialities of Nationhood and Transgression in the Greek Crisis”, Comparative Studies in Society and History 57(4):1037-1069.


- 2015b “Reflections on Objects, Spirits and Images from a Present Becoming Damaged Future”, History and Anthropology 26 (4): 504-514, (Afterword in Special Issue: Archives and Anthropologies: From Histories to Futures - Guest Editor: David Zeitlyn).


-2016a “Proxy Brigands and Tourists: Visualizing the Greek-German Front in the Debt Crisis”, Visual Anthropology Review 32(1): 24-37. Special issue, edited by K. Kalantzis [A photo by the author/editor is featured on the special issue cover]


-2016b “Introduction--Uncertain Visions: Crisis, Ambiguity, and Visual Culture in Greece”. Visual Anthropology Review 32(1): 5-11, Special issue, edited by K. Kalantzis


-2020 “Picturing the Imaginable: Fantasy, Photography and Displacement in the Highland Cretan “Village.” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 38: 59–84. (commissioned photo by the author used on the cover of the particular issue).


-2020 Modernity as Cure and Poison: Visual Culture and Ambiguous Stillness in Therasia, Greece”, Zeitschrift für Ethnologie Journal of Social and Cultural Anthropology  145(2): 343-370 [The journal of the German Anthropological Association], Ειδικό τεύχος:  Rethinking the Mediterranean, επιμ.: Simon Holdermann, Christoph Lange, Michaela Schäuble and Martin Zillinger


- 2021 “Citizens of Photography,Anthropology and Photography 14: 1-37


-2022 "Athens and the Indigenous Sublime: Rethinking Orientalism and Desire from Documenta to the Cretan Highlands", forthcoming with Current Anthropology.



Peer-Reviewed Papers in Edited Volumes


- 2015a “Shepherds as Images, Shepherds with Images: Photographic (Re)Engagements in Sphakia, Crete”, in Y. Hamilakis, P. Carabbott and E. Papargyriou (eds.), Camera Graeca: Photographs, Narratives, Materialities, pp. 313-335, Farnham: Ashgate.



- 2015b “From Infantilism to ‘Nativism’: Cosmology and the Social Imaginary in the ‘Crisis’”, in Metapolitefsi: Greece on the Border Between Two Centuries, M. Avgeridis, E. Gazi and K. Kornetis (eds.), Athens: Themelio, pp.367-392. [in Greek]  


-2022 «Βοσκοί και Βοθρακοί: Τουρισμός, Φωτογραφία και Νεωτερικότητα στα Σφακιά», [Shepherds and Frogs: Photography and Modernity in Sfakia, Crete] συλλογικός τόμος Σπουδών Τουρισμού, Δ. Νάζου, Μ. Νικολακάκης, Μ. Τζανάκης (επιμ.), Αθήνα: Νήσος.


2023 “Photography, Citizenship and Accusatory Memory in the Greek Crisis”, in Citizens of Photography: The Camera and the Political Imagination, ed. Christopher Pinney, Durham NC: Duke University Press. 


Chapters in Edited Volumes


- 2012 “Visual Culture and Anthropology” in Material Culture: Anthropology in Thingland, E. Yalouri (ed.), pp.171-213. Athens: Alexandreia. [in Greek] https://alexandria-publ.gr/shop/material-culturethe-anthropology-in-the-land-of-things/



- 2015a “Postcards: Greek Desirability In and Out of Frame”, in Tourism Landscapes: Remaking Greece, the Venice Biennale Catalogue of 14th Biennale Architecture Exhibition, Y. Aesopos (ed.) pp. 296-303 [in Greek and in English] 


- 2015b “Therasia as Place: Reflections for an Ethnography in Therasia”, in Therasia: A Timeless Route, K. Palyvou, I. Tzachili (eds.), Athens: Ta Pragmata, Pp 255-273. [in Greek] 


- 2022 “Visualising Madness: Ethnography and Alterity in the Filmic Representation of Mental Illness”, in Camera and Social Research: Recordings and Depictions, in A. Peglidou (ed.), Athens: Alexandreia. [in Greek]


- (forthcoming) “Archaeological Ethnography in Neo Monastiri”, London: British School at Athens.



Special Journal Issues


“Uncertain Visions: Crisis, Ambiguity, and Visual Culture in Greece”. Special issue of Visual Anthropology Review 32 (1) 2016. The issue features six papers (by. A. Bakalaki, K. Kalantzis, E. Rikou and I. Chaviara, E. Yalouri, E. Basea) and one afterword (by C. Pinney). My contributions include the introduction to the volume and one single-authored paper.


online supplement for teaching the special issue.







-Tradition in the Frame: Photography, Power and Imagination in Sfakia, Crete, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, [Series: New Anthropologies of Europe].

 [Relevant interviews and presentations].


Reviewed by:


*The Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Volume XII, no. 1 (2020) [by Roger Just]


* Entanglements: Experiments in Multimodal ethnography 3(1) 2020 [by Ilektra Kyriazidou]


Entanglements: Experiments in Multimodal ethnography 3(1) 2020 [by James Hundley]. 


*Syghrona Themata (n. 149, 2020) [by Eleana Yalouri].


* The Greek Review of Social Research, (n. 156, 2021) [by Alexandra Bakalaki].


* The LSE review of books (2022) [by Kristina Gedgaudaitė].


*The Journal of Modern Greek Studies (2022) [by Sophie Stamatopoulou-Robbins].


*Visual Anthropology (2022) [by Myriam Lamrani]


*Ethnos (2022) [by Shireen Walton]



Co-Edited Volume


2022. Citizens of Photography: The Camera and the Political Imagination, co-edited with C. Pinney and the PhotoDemos Collective. 





2019 JB Donne Donne Essay Prize on the Anthropology of Art, "Athens and the Indigenous Sublime: Rethinking Orientalism and Desire from Documenta 14 to the Cretan Highlands." [Royal Anthropological Institute]


Invited Comments, Reviews, Shorter pieces


- 2013 “Comment” on “Infuriated with the Infuriated? Blaming Tactics and Discontent about the Greek Financial Crisis” by Dimitrios Theodossopoulos, Current Anthropology 54(2): 212-213. 


- 2015 “Review of The Geographical Unconscious by Argyro Loukaki, Farnham: Ashgate”, Journal of Modern Greek Studies 33 (2): 403-405


- 2015 “Review of Anthropology and Contemporary Art” edited by Elpida Rikou, Anagnoseis, Sept 6 2015. [in Greek]. 


- 2020. “Acquiescent Spreaders: Occidentalism and Peripatetic Memory in Athens, Greece”, in Chapters on Sickness, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Online Exhibition about the Covid19 pandemic:


-2020. Τοπίο και Αναπαράσταση: Περιπατητικές σκέψεις με sms ν.6», Lifo/ Mikropragmata. [Landscape and Representation]


-2021. «Χορός, Ουτοπία και Αναζήτηση Νοημάτων ένα Πανδημικό Απόγευμα» [Greek and English] [Dance, Utopia and the Search for Meaning on Pandemic Afternoon]  Κατάλογος για την έκθεση του Δ. Καβαλλιεράτου Αποπροσανατολισμένος Χορός/Παραπλανημένος Πλανήτης (Ίδρυμα ΝΕΟΝ, Φεστιβάλ Αθηνών). [Catalogue of the Contemporary Art Show by D. Kavallieratos]. 


-2021. "H Σφαγή και ο Καλός Στρατιώτης", Καθημερινή, Τέχνες και Γράμματα, 27/11/2021. 


-2022. “A Clash Over History and/as Representation, Greek Studies Now: Cultural Analysis Network (partnership between the universities of Oxford and Amsterdam).



- 2022. "Slippery Delight: Problems of Pleasure and Reproduction in Jokes" In In Dialogue [Comparative Studies in Society and History Blog]. 






- 2015 “Dowsing the Past: Materialities of Civil War Memories” (47 min). Duties: direction, co-editing, camera, still photography, musical composition, (co-production with Leonidas Papafotiou and Giorgos Samantas).


Reviewed by Violetta Hionidou for the Journal of Modern Greek Studies 36(1), 2018, pp. 226-232



Public Screenings; Official Selection at: DocFest: Documentary Film Festival Chalkida, Greece (2015), Athens Ethnographic Film Festival (2015), Irish Institute at Athens (2015), San Francisco State University (2016), University of Bern, Department of Social Anthropology (2016), Twixt Lab (2016), Eutopic Workshop, Athens (2017).


The film is used in the teaching of courses by historian Violetta Hioniudou (e.g. HIS8053: Conflict in European History: case studies), Newcastle University.


Awards: Spotlight Documentary Film Silver Award (2016).


- 2021. The Ιmpossible Νarration: Memory and Photography of the Kalavryta Slaughter (25 mins), Director, Camera, Original Music. Trailer. Whole film


Screenings: Agon Archaeological Festival [June 2022, premiere], DocFest (Chalkida, 2022), Special Event EthnoFest (Athens, November 2022). 



Interview about "Tradition in the Frame" with Gonda Van Steen

Overview of Tradition in the Frame

Conversation with Chris Pinney about Tradition in the Frame

Reviews of Tradition in the Frame

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