A collection of materials by anthropologist Kostis Kalantzis.

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* Presentations/papers upon invitation


- “Recalcitrant poses: visual ethnography and the question of colonialism” (colloquium) Decoloniality, Inclusivity and the Greek Past, organized by. N. Papadimitriou, A. Kotsonas, A. Anagnostopoulos, Canellopoulos Museum and Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ΝΥU), talk available online, 31/5/2023.


-Discussant at the Book launch, Feminist Theories, Aesthetic Practices and Globalised Technologies, ed. Karampa et al, Volos, 2023.


- Comment and Introduction: Special screening and roundtable: "Camera, History and Narration", Ethnofest, Athens (Astor theater) 27/11/22.


- Commentators and Introduction, Special screening and roundtable "The Impossible Narration: Memory and Photography of the Kalavryta Slaughter", Kalavryta Cultural Center 11/12/22, part of the commemoration events for 2022 organized by: Kalavrytans Association in Athens, Association of victims the Kalavryta Holocaust and the Municality of Kalavryta. 


- «Voice, (un)naming and the taste of photographs», Workshop (Re)Sounding Images: Explorations in Sonic Ethnography, Coordinators: Richard Vokes (University of Western Australia), Paul Basu (University of Bonn), Haidy Geismar (University College London).   Royal Anthropological Institute, London, 21/11/2022


 "Dowsing the Past", National Research Foundation (EIE, Greece), Screenings for the Study of Rural Greece, Discussant: Giorgos Andritsos, 14/11/2022.


-“Political Imaginary and Accusatory Memory in the ‘Crisis’” Departmental Seminar, Dept of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology, University of Thessaly, Volos, 6/4/2022


- Book presentation for the book and exhibition “Cyprus: Island of Aphrodite II” by Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert and Nicolas Lambouris, The Cyprus Cultural Center, Athens 3/5/2022.



-“History, Representation and the Present through the Scope of the Past” Memorial Events “The Heroes Narrate”, Kalavryta 12/12/2021.  


-“Photography, Citizenship and Accusatory Memory in the Greek Crisis.

Manchester,” Social Anthropology Seminar, The University of Manchester), 15/11/2021.  


-Discussant and coordinator of the online book launch for the edited volume Contested Antiquity: Archaeological Heritage and Social Conflict in Modern Greece and Cyprus, Ε. Solomon (ed.), Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 16/6/21,


- Presentation “Visual Culture, Hegemony and Colonization”, Critical Interdisciplinarity Group 13/5/21 (online)


- Presentation at the Modern Greek Studies Colloquium “Greece 2010-2020, Discourses of an Ongoing Crisis”, Brown University, Providence, RI. My paper will explore photography, political imagination and the Greek-Germans relations during the Greek “crisis”. (postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic, new date possibly in the Fall of 2022).   


- Book presentation and discussion moderator for the 3rd Photo Salon on Photography and Tourism, Royal Anthropological Institute, London, (with Haidy Geismar) (30/1/2020). 


- “The Visual as Embodied Politics: Reflections on ‘Tradition in the Frame: Photography, Power and Imagination in Sfakia, Crete.’” Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies in Athens (Princeton Athens Center), (17/12/2019).


- “Why the Visual? Materiality, Ethnography and Power in Sfakia, Crete.”, Viz: Laboratory for Visual Culture, Athens, (26/11/2019) [in Greek]. 


- “Bodies on the (White) Mountains: Photography, Ethnography and Archival Ruptures from Nelly to Facebook,” 3rd MedPhoto Festival: CRITICAL ARCHIVES IV: Documents, Rethymno Crete (6/11/2019) [in Greek]. 


-  “Picturing the Imaginable: Photography, Displacement and Nostalgia in the Highland Cretan ‘Village’”, lecture at the symposium The Greek chorio: Then and Now, UCLA, LA (23/2/2019).



- “Jokes, Photographs & The Transgressive Native: Thinking Though (Crypto)Colonialism and Political Imagination in Greece”, Conference Crypto-colonialism and the Global South [in honor of Michael Herzfeld], Brown University, Providence, RI, (19-20/10/2017).



- “Warriors and invaders? Nativism, Photography and Greek-German Encounters in the Greek Crisis”, Research Seminar in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology, University of Oxford, Oxford (13/10/2017).


- “Sex, Guns and Europe: Joking and the Transgressive Native”, in the panel “Humor, Lying, Ambiguity” in Learning from Documenta Closing Event (4-8/10/2017), panel convened by C. Wright, E. Yalouri, Athens School of Fine Arts/Polytechnic School, Athens (6/10/2017). 


- “Modernity as Cure and Poison: Visual Culture and Ambiguous Stillness in Therasia”, Workshop Ethnographies of the Future, Departments of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology, University of Thessaly (in Greek), Volos, (29/5/2017).


- “Warriors and Tourists: Nativism, Visual Culture and Greek-German Encounters in the ‘Greek Crisis’”, Departmental Seminar, Department of Anthropology, UCL, London (5/3/2017).


- Presentation exploring Orientalism, desire and power in the relationship between Greece and Germany during the “Greek crisis” in the roundtable Politics of Culture: Greece and Germany in Learning from Documenta, Laboratory of Anthropological Research, Panteion University, convened by E. Yalouri and A. Lambropoulos, (in Greek), Athens (22/12/2016).


- “Cretan Warriors and German Invaders? Tourism and Visual Imaginaries in the ‘Greek Crisis’”, Departmental Seminar, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bern (15/11/2016).


- “Dowsing the Past: Materialities of Civil War Memories” (lecture and film screening), San Francisco State University, School of Humanities and Liberal Studies, San Francisco (4/4/2016).


- Presentation and Discussant for V. Loules’ film “Kisses to the Children”, San Francisco State University, School of Humanities and Liberal Studies, San Francisco (17/3/2016).


- “Between Tutelage and Treason: Greek Experiences of the Debt Crisis”, San Francisco State University, School of Humanities and Liberal Studies, San Francisco (17/2/2016).


- “Art, Desire and Pleasure in Archaeological Ethnography”, Departmental Seminar, Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University, Athens, (18/5/2015) [in Greek].


- “Nativism, Disavowal and Ambivalence: Material Culture and Social Imagination in the Debt Crisis”, Seminar, (convened by P. Lekkas), MA program in Southeastern European Studies, University of Athens, Athens (20/3/2015) [in Greek].


- “Crisis, Nativism and the Visual Register”, Conference on Scientific Cooperation Between Greece and Germany, University of Hamburg, Hamburg (5-7/2/2015).


- “Film, memory and the Lost Siblings”, (lecture and screening) Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens, Public Archaeology Seminar Series, Athens (26/5/2014).


- “Ambivalence, Photography and Power: Doing Visual Ethnography in Crete”, 6th Cycle of Seminars on Anthropology and Folklore, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, (31/1/2014) [in Greek].


- “Fak Germani: Ambivalence, Transgression and Experiences of Tutelage in the Greek ‘Crisis’”, Brunel Research Seminar, Department of Anthropology, Brunel University, London, (08/10/2013).


- Presentation on the 2011 Greek “indignant” movement at the roundtable The Crisis in Greece: The View from Below, (other participants: M. Herzfeld, N. Panourgia, O. Alexandrakis, D. Dalakoglou), Council for European Studies, Boston, (23/04/2012). 


- “Highland Crete as anti-Germany: Questions of Epistemology and Imagination in the Greek Crisis”, Modern Greek Studies Seminar, Columbia University, New York City, (28/03/2012).


- “Visualising Warrior-Shepherds: Photography, Power and Imagination in Sphakia, Crete”, Seeger Centre for Hellenic Studies, Princeton University, Princeton, [discussant: Carol Greenhouse], (07/12/2011).


- “Crete as Resisting Greekness: Visual Explorations of Social Imaginaries in ‘Crisis’”, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University, Princeton, (11/10/2011).


- “Ambivalence and Hegemony in the Greek Visual Economy”, Departmental Seminar, Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University, (9/12/2009). [in Greek]


- “Modernity as Pollution: Photography and Montage Logic in Highland Crete”, paper in seminar series Ethnographic Approaches to Materiality and Time, convened by Charles Stewart and Yannis Hamilakis, Department of Anthropology, University College London, (12/12/2008).


- “Tourist Postcards in Sphakia, Crete: Thoughts on the Reception and Production of Greek Exoticism”, at the workshop Tourism, Visual Culture, and ‘Lo Español’ as Masquerade”, organized by Jordana Mendelson, Estrella de Diego και Julia Domenech, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Department of Contemporary History of Art, (30/11 – 1/12/2006).



*. Other talks/papers in conferences and workshops (following call for papers or as an organizer)


- Image events: From the hospitable gaze to accusatory memory”, at the “Citizens of Photography” conference, online, UCL 15-17 September 2021. Sessions can be found here.


-  “The Eyes of the Ancestors: Photography as Parity between Worship and Pain”, at the workshop The Right (Not) to be Seen: The Politics and Ethics of Photographic Visibility, Department of Anthropology, University College London, (co-organized with the PhotoDemos team), (3/6/2019).



 - “Collisions of Archaeology: On Ethnography in Neo Monastiri”, 2-day Conference on the Koutroulou Magoula Archaeology and Archaeological Ethnography project, British School at Athens, (12-13/1/2019).


- “The Sfakian Screen: Imagination, Technomaterialism and “Facebook the Snitch” in a Local Photo Exhibition”, 2-day Conference, part of the Thessaloniki PhotoBiennale “Capitalist Realism”, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, (23-24/11/2018).



- “Politics and Political imagination at the Photo Exhibition ‘The Sfakian Screen: Looking and Living in the White Mountains of Crete’”, ASA 2018 conference: Sociality, matter, and the imagination: re-creating Anthropology, Lab: Citizens of Photography: The Camera and the Political Imagination, Oxford, (19/9/2018).


- “Dowsing the Past: Reflections on Film, Ethnography and Historical Imaginaries in Thessaly”, 3rd International Conference on Contemporary Greek Film Cultures: Strategies of the Documentary, University of Vienna, [Belvedere 21] Vienna, (16/5/2018).


- “Facebook, Cameras and Other Traitors: Politics of Affection and Disdain in Sfakia, Crete”, Workshop Uneasy Photography: The Politics of Images in a Time of Crisis Panteion University, Athens (20/12/2017) [workshop co-organizer]. 



- “Photography and Ethnographic Textures of Stillness in Therasia”, Conference: Therasia: Routes throughout Time, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, (20/6/2015). [in Greek]


- 2 Presentations: “Trauma and Film” and “Film, Archaeology and Ethnography” at the conference “Archaeological Dialogues”, Athens, (10-11/2015). [in Greek]


- “Highland Crete as Anti-Germany: Photographic Engagements ‘in-Crisis’”, 2-day Workshop “Imagi(ni)ng “Crisis”: Materialities of Seeing and Representing in the Greek Critical Conjuncture”, Βritish School at Athens, Athens (16/12/2013).  [workshop organizer]


- “Between Disavowal and Submission: Experiences and Subjectifications in the Greek ‘Crisis’”, Council for European Studies at Columbia University, Panel: Beyond the Economic: Ethnographic Approaches to the Crisis Drawing on the Greek Case, Amsterdam, (25/06/2013) [panel co-organizer]. 


- Participation as discussant and with a paper presentation, Workshop: “Greek Crisis”, International Center for Greek and Mediterranean Studies, (College Year in Athens), conveners: Aimee Places and Othon Alexandrakis, Athens, (22-23/4/2013).


- “From Resistance to Childishness: Epistemology and the Imaginary during ‘the Crisis’ at the Conference Historein: Metapolitefsi: From the Transition to Democracy to the Financial Crisis, Goethe Institute, Athens (14/12/2012). [in Greek- recorded live


- “Highland Crete as anti-Germany: Questions of Epistemology and Imagination within the Greek Crisis”, Conference of the American Ethnological Society, Panel: Epistemology and Practices of Dissent in “Crisis”, New York City, (20/04/2012) [panel co-organizer]


- “Visualising Highland Crete: Photography, Power and Imagination in Sphakia, Crete”, 2011 Symposium of the Modern Greek Studies Association, New York University (NYU), New York City, (14/10/ 2011).


- “Ethnography of Space and Place in Therasia” (in absentia, read by Α. Bakalaki), Conference Island Cultures across Time (organizers: University of Crete, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, ΚΑ’ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities), Fira, (24-25/09/2011).


- “Photography, Power and Imagination in Sphakia, Crete”, Conference Greek (Hi)stories through the Lens: Photographs, Photographers and their Testimonies, King’s College, London, (9-11/6/2011).


- Participation and presentation at the workshop for turning one’s thesis into a book (organizers: Rebecca Empson, Matthew Engelke, Chris Fuller, Alpa Shah), LSE, Department of Anthropology, London, (25/05/2011).


- “Visualizing Madness: Ethnography and Alterity in the Cinematic Representation of Mental Illness”, Conference: “Ethnographic Films in Greece: Filmic Depictions of Otherness”, University of Thessaly, Volos, (6-7/05/2011). [in Greek]


- “The Warrior-Shepherd Signifier: Locations and Meanings of Highland Cretan Photographic Subjects”, EASA (European Association of Social Anthropology), Biennial Conference 2008, panel: Looking, Seeing and Being Seen: Connecting and Controlling through Visual Representation, (conveners: Helena Wulff and Thomas Fillitz), Ljubljana, (27/08/2008).


- “Thoughts on the Place of Highland Crete in the National Imaginary: Glimpses through the Visual”, Workshop for PhD candidates, Department of History and Social Anthropology, University of the Aegean (3-4/7/2008) and 14th Meeting of Postgraduate Students, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Crete, (16-18/07/2008). [in Greek]


- “‘Welcome to Sfakia’: Tradition and Locality in Contemporary Greece”, Department of History and Social Anthropology, University of the Aegean (5-6/07/2007) and 13th Meeting of Postgraduate Students, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Crete, (15-17/07/2007). [in Greek]