A sample collection of visuals and other material encapsulating textures of ethnography carried out by Kostis Kalantzis as well as evoke people, places and things.

visual culture


political imagination

Greece/southern Europe





1. Presentations/papers upon invitation


- (forthcoming, tba), lecture at the symposium: The Greek chorio: Then and Now: Stavros Niarchos Foundation for the Study of Hellenic Culture, UCLA, LA (23/2/2019).


- “Jokes, Photographs & The Transgressive Native: Thinking Though (Crypto)Colonialism and Political Imagination in Greece”, Conference “Crypto-colonialism and the Global South” [in honor of Michael Herzfeld], Brown University, Providence, RI, (19-20/10/2017).



- “Warriors and invaders? Nativism, Photography and Greek-German Encounters in the Greek crisis”, Research Seminar in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology, University of Oxford, Oxford (13/10/2017).


- “Sex, Guns and Europe: Joking and the Transgressive Native”, in the panel “Humor, Lying, Ambiguity” in “Learning from Documenta Closing Event” (4-8/10/2017), panel convened by C. Wright, E. Yalouri, Athens School of Fine Arts/Polytechnic School, Athens (6/10/2017). http://learningfromdocumenta.org/learning-from-documenta-closing-event/


- “Modernity as Cure and Poison: Visual Culture and Ambiguous Stillness in Therasia”, Workshop “Ethnographies of the Future”, Departments of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology, University of Thessaly (in Greek), Volos, (29/5/2017).


- “Warriors and Tourists: Nativism, Visual Culture and Greek-German Encounters in the ‘Greek Crisis’”, Departmental Seminar, Department of Anthropology, UCL, London (5/3/2017).


- Presentation exploring questions of Orientalism, desire and power in the relationship between Greece and Germany during the “Greek crisis” in the roundtable “Politics of Culture: Greece and Germany” in “Learning from Documenta”, Laboratory of Anthropological Research, Panteion University, convened by E. Yalouri, A. Lambropoulos, (in Greek), Athens (22/12/2016).


- “Cretan Warriors and German Invaders? Tourism and Visual Imaginaries in the ‘Greek Crisis’”, Department Seminar, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bern (15/11/2016).


- “Dowsing the Past: Materialities of Civil War Memories” (lecture and film screening), San Francisco State University, School of Humanities and Liberal Studies, San Francisco (4/4/2016).


- Presentation and Discussant for V. Loules’ film “Kisses to the Children” School of Humanities and Liberal Studies, (17/3/2016).


- “Between Tutelage and Treason: Greek Experiences of the Debt Crisis”, San Francisco State University, School of Humanities and Liberal Studies, San Francisco (17/2/2016).


- “Art, Desire and Pleasure in Archaeological Ethnography”, Departmental Seminar, Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University (in Greek), Athens, (18/5/2015).


- “Nativism, Disavowal and Ambivalence: Material Culture and Social Imagination in the Debt Crisis”, Seminar, (convened by P. Lekkas), MA program in Southeastern European Studies, University of Athens, Athens (20/3/2015).


- “Crisis, Nativism and the Visual Register”, Conference on Scientific Cooperation Between Greece and Germany, University of Hamburg, Hamburg (5-7/2/2015).


- “Film, memory and the Lost Siblings”, (lecture and screening) Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens, Public Archaeology Seminar Series, Athens (26/5/2014).


- “Ambivalence, Photography and Power: Doing Visual Ethnography in Crete”, 6th Cycle of Seminars on Anthropology and Folklore, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, (31/1/2014).


- “Fak Germani: Ambivalence, Transgression and Experiences of Tutelage in the Greek ‘Crisis’”, Brunel Research Seminar, Department of Anthropology, Brunel University, London, (08/10/2013).


- presentation on the 2011 Greek “indignant” movement at the roundtable, “The Crisis in Greece: The View from Below», (other participants: M. Herzfeld, N. Panourgia, O. Alexandrakis, D. Dalakoglou), Council for European Studies, Boston, (23/04/2012).


- “Highland Crete as anti-Germany: Questions of Epistemology and Imagination within the Greek Crisis”, Modern Greek Studies Seminar, Columbia University, New York City, (28/03/2012).


- “Visualising Warrior-Shepherds: Photography, Power and Imagination in Sphakia, Crete”, Seeger Centre for Hellenic Studies, Princeton University, Princeton, [discussant: Carol Greenhouse], (07/12/2011).


- “Crete as ‘Resistant Greekness’: Visual Explorations of Social Imaginaries in ‘Crisis’”, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University, Princeton, (11/10/2011).


- “Ambivalence and Hegemony in the Greek Visual Economy”, Departmental Seminar, Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University, (9/12/2009).


- “Modernity as Pollution: Photography and Montage Logic in Highland Crete”, talk in the seminar series “Ethnographic Approaches to Materiality and Time”, convened by: Charles Stewart and Yannis Hamilakis, Department of Anthropology, University College London, London, (12/12/2008).


- “Tourist Postcards in Sphakia, Crete: Thoughts on the Reception and Production of Greek Exoticism” in the workshop “Tourism, Visual Culture, and 'lo español' as Masquerade”, organized by: Jordana Mendelson, Estrella de Diego και Julia Domenech, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Department of Contemporary History of Art, (30/11 – 1/12/2006).



2. Other talks/papers in conferences and workshops (following call for papers or as organizer)


- “The Sfakian Screen: Imagination, Technomaterialism and “Facebook the Snitch” in a Local Photo Exhibition”, 2-day Conference, part of the Thessaloniki PhotoBiennale “Capitalist Realism” (23-24/11/2018).



- “Politics and Political imagination at the Photo Exhibition ‘The Sfakian Screen: Looking and Living in the White Mountains of Crete’”, ASA 2018 conference: Sociality, matter, and the imagination: re-creating Anthropology, Lab: Citizens of photography: the camera and the political imagination, Oxford (19/9/2018).


- “Dowsing the Past: Reflections on Film, Ethnography and Historical Imaginaries in Thessaly”, 3rd International Conference on Contemporary Greek Film Cultures, “Strategies of the Documentary”, University of Vienna, [Belvedere 21] Vienna, (16/5/2018).


- “Facebook, Cameras and Other Traitors: Politics of Affection and Disdain in Sfakia, Crete”, Workshop Uneasy Photography: The Politics of Images in a Time of Crisis Panteion University, Athens (20/12/2017) [workshop co-organizer].


- “Photography and Ethnographic Textures of Stillness in Therasia”, Conference: Therasia: Routes throughout Time, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, (in Greek), Thessaloniki, (20/6/2015).


- 2 Presentations: “Trauma and Film” and “Film, Archaeology and Ethnography” at the conference “Archaeological Dialogues” (in Greek), Athens, (10-11/2015).


- “Highland Crete as Anti-Germany: Photographic Engagements ‘in-Crisis’”, 2-day Workshop “Imagi(ni)ng “Crisis”: Materialities of Seeing and Representing in the Greek Critical Conjuncture”, Βritish School at Athens, Athens (16/12/2013). [workshop organizer]


- “Between Disavowal and Submission: Experiences and Subjectifications in the Greek ‘Crisis’”, Council for European Studies at Columbia University, Panel: «Beyond the Economic: Ethnographic Approaches to the Crisis Drawing on the Greek Case», Amsterdam, (25/06/2013) [panel co-organizer]. https://councilforeuropeanstudies.org/files/Conferences/2013_CES_Conference-Program_WEB-6-12-13.pdf


- (Participation as discussant and presentation), Workshop: “Greek Crisis”, International Center for Greek and Mediterranean Studies” (College Year in Athens), conveners: Aimee Places and Othon Alexandrakis, Athens, (22-23/4/2013).


- “From Resistance to Childishness: Epistemology and Imaginary during ‘the Crisis’ at the Conference: “Historein: Metapolitefsi: From the Transition to Democracy to the Financial Crisis”, Goethe Institute, (in Greek) Athens (14/12/2012) http://www.blod.gr/lectures/Pages/viewlecture.aspx?LectureID=712


- “Highland Crete as anti-Germany: Questions of Epistemology and Imagination within the Greek Crisis”, Conference of the American Ethnological Society, Panel: Epistemology and Practices of Dissent in “Crisis”, New York City, (20/04/2012) [panel co-organizer]


- “Visualising Highland Crete: Photography, Power and Imagination in Sphakia, Crete”, 2011 Symposium of the Modern Greek Studies Association, New York University (NYU), New York City, (14/10/ 2011).


- “Ethnography of Space and Place in Therasia” (in absentia, read on my behalf by Α. Bakalaki), Conference: “Island Cultures across Time” (organizers: University of Crete, Artistotle University of Thessaloniki, ΚΑ’ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities), Fira, (24-25/09/2011).


- “Photography, Power and Imagination in Sphakia, Crete”, Conference: “Greek (Hi)stories through the Lens: Photographs, Photographers and their Testimonies”, King’s College, London, (9-11/6/2011).


- (participation and presentation), Workshop for turning one’s thesis into a book (organizers: Rebecca Empson, Matthew Engelke, Chris Fuller, Alpa Shah), London School of Economics, Department of Anthropology, London, (25/05/2011).


- “Visualizing Madness: Ethnography and Alterity in the Cinematic Representation of Mental Illness”, Conference: “Ethnographic Films in Greece: Filmic Depictions of Otherness”, University of Thessaly, (in Greek), Volos, (6-7/05/2011).


- “The Warrior-Shepherd Signifier: Locations and Meanings of Highland Cretan Photographic Subjects», EASA (European Association of Social Anthropology), Biennial Conference 2008, panel: «Looking, Seeing and Being Seen: Connecting and Controlling through Visual Representation», (conveners: Helena Wulff and Thomas Fillitz), Ljubljana, (27/08/2008).


- “Thoughts on the Place of Highland Crete in the National Imaginary: Glimpses through the Visual”, Workshop for PhD candidates, Department of History and Social Anthropology, University of the Aegean (3-4/7/2008) and 14th Meeting of Postgraduate Students, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Crete, (in Greek) (16-18/07/2008).


- “‘Welcome to Sfakia’: Tradition and Locality in Contemporary Greece”, Department of History and Social Anthropology, University of the Aegean (5-6/07/2007) and 13th Meeting of Postgraduate Students, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Crete, (in Greek), (15-17/07/2007).


3. Media coverage and/or appearances.


-Two stories (2018) with interviews and commentary about my exhibition “The Sfakian Screen: Looking and Living in the White Mountains of Crete” in two popular Greek periodicals: http://m.popaganda.gr/i-sfakiani-othoni-ekthesi-fotografias-konstantinos-kalantzis/ and


-Participation in the television show about the documentary “Call of the Mountain” (about blood feuds and shepherding in Sphakia), Greek National Television (ERT Satellite), April 2013.

- Participation in the television show about the documentary “At the peak” (about Mt. Ida in Crete), Greek National Television (ERT Satellite), March 2013.

- Interviewed about Sphakian society in the film: “Sfakia: A Greek Island Film”, by worldspirit.org.uk, 2007.