A collection of materials by anthropologist Kostis Kalantzis.

visual culture


political imagination

Greece/southern Europe



the body
the senses
visual anthropology
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- 1/10/20 - present. Lecturer and course designer for 2 courses: "Cultural Politics and Critical Heritage"; "Culture, Ethnography, Representation", Department of Culture, Creative Media and Industries, University of Thessaly. [online due to COVID-19 pandemic].


- 30/3/2020-30/8/2020 Adjunct Lecturer and course designer for: “Visual Culture”, Department of Culture, Creative Media and Industries, University of Thessaly. [online due to COVID-19 pandemic].
-  10/1/2020 to 30/3/2020 and
10/1/2019 to 30/3/2019 (two academic years)

Lecturer for “Photography and Anthropology”, UCL, Department of Anthropology Term 2, taught together with 6 members of the research group Photodemos. Duties: co-designing and co-teaching the course, supervising students on their portfolios and papers. 
- 1/9/2016-20/12/2016. (Adjunct) Lecturer in Anthropology, Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bern (Universitaet Bern). Duties: Designing and teaching the course “Greece and the European ‘Debt Crisis’: Explorations of Power and Nationhood in a Critical Conjuncture”, supervising students and assessing their assignments.
- 1/1/2016-30/8/2016: Visiting Professor, San Francisco State University, Centre for Modern Greek Studies. Duties: Teaching and designing two courses, (“The Culture of Contemporary Greece” and “Athens: Textures and Histories of Greece’s Capital”); student supervision and assessment, delivery of two public lectures; convening events for academic guests.
- 1/1/2014-1/7/2014. Teaching Fellow/Guest Lecturer, Panteion University. Duties: Teaching undergraduate and graduate Erasmus students on “Greek ethnography” (in English), student supervision and essay grading.
Teaching of specific classes/seminars upon invitation:
-“Doing Ethnography Through and with Photography,” MA in Social Anthropology, Panteion University), (course by E. Yalouri, 10/12/2019).
-“Crete”, Undergraduate class at the International Center for Greek and Mediterranean Studies (College Year in Athens), (invited by A. Placas), Athens, (12/9/2016).
- One lecture per research season about ethnographic methods, anthropology of memory and archaeology, Koutroulou-Magoula Archaeology and Archaeological Ethnography Project, Neo Monastiri (9/2010, 6/2011, 9/2012, 8-9/2015, 6/2017, 6/2018).
- “Photography and Anthropology”, Course at the Summer school “Visual Ethnography of Cityscapes” (with changes/updates each year), Netherlands Institute at Athens, (16/7/2015, 12/7/2016, 7/7/2017, 16/7/2018).
- “Power and the Visual: Seminar on Postcolonial Art, Photography and ‘Aesthetics’”, Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology, Postgraduate Seminar, Volos, (20/12/2016).
- “Visual Culture, Power and Representation”, Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University, Postgraduate Seminar (invited by Ε. Yalouri), Athens, (4/4/2017).
- “Ethnographic Film Production and Social Theory”, Universities of Athens, Patras and the Aegean, Postgraduate course in Heritage Management, (invited by A. Bounia), Athens, (11/5/2015).
- “Film. Ethnography and Sensorial Density”, Seminar, Twixt Lab, Athens, (12/12/2014).
- “Anthropology, Visuality and the Material Turn”, Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University, Postgraduate course, (invited by E. Yalouri), Athens, (26/11/2013)
- “Visual Culture”, Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University, Undergraduate course, (invited by E. Yalouri), Athens, (03/04/2013).
- “Visual Culture, Anthropology and Art”, Athens School of Fine Arts, Undergraduate and postgraduate seminar, (invited by E. Rikou), Athens, (04/04/2013). 
- “Anthropology, Photography and Postcolonial Art”, Athens School of Fine Arts, Postgraduate Seminar (invited by K. Ioannidis), Athens (22/02/2010).
Co-teaching and/or work as teaching assistant
- “Photography and Anthropology”, Department of Anthropology, University College London (one class with C. Pinney during Winter term 2017).
-09/2008-01/2009. Teaching Assistant for  “Introduction to Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology and Material Culture” (main teachers: C. Stewart, P. Favero), University College London. Duties: Tutoring 3rd year undergraduate students, supervision and essay grading.